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Working with Safehand

Are you an experienced DCB 0129/0160 Clinical Safety Officer? Then you are a member of an exclusive and select club. Are you ready to experience the satisfaction of helping dozens of different organisations navigate the compliance maze?

As a Safehand Independent Clinical Safety Officer you’ll be an expert who is in demand. You’ll work with the leading digital health providers and NHS Trusts to solve their assurance challenges. With such a wide variety of clients, you’ll need to find different ways to do familiar things, be ready to learn and be prepared for a new challenge every day.

You must:

  • Be a registered clinician with a suitably broad clinical knowledge
  • Have worked in the Health IT sector for a minimum of two years
  • Have demonstrably written DCB 0129/0160 Hazard Logs and Safety Cases in the past
  • Be able to learn new digital health systems quickly and thoroughly
  • Have exceptional written skills and understand the safety engineering vocabulary
  • Have outstanding attention to detail and the ability to reliably discern what is important
  • Be able to work from home, and travel both nationally and internationally

If you have experience of working with DCB/SCCI 0129/0160 and would be interested in the exciting challenge of working with dozens of different digital health organisations, contact us.

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