What is DCB 0160?

DCB 0160 is a mandatory UK risk management standard and healthcare organisations implementing IT systems must comply (see NHS Digital page). The work must be conducted by a registered clinician. It can be a resource-intensive project and it culminates in the issuing of a series of compliance materials. For clinicians doing this for the first time on top of their clinical duties, this can be an unenviable task.

Hazard Log and Safety Case Development

Safehand will work with you to examine your system implementation and create the necessary DCB 0160 documentation for you. Our staff of ten full time Clinical Safety Officers include doctors, nurses, pharmacists, midwives and occupational therapists. They have all been extensively involved in implementing health IT systems in the NHS.

Collectively our CSOs have created hundreds of Hazards Logs and Safety Cases over the last fifteen years. Such experience brings with it a deep understanding of the risk management techniques and processes which work in a healthcare setting.

Beginning a Hazard Log and Safety Case with a blank sheet of paper and minimal experience is an arduous task. Safehand employs tried and tested methods and templates which map accurately to the requirements of the DCB 0160 standard. These valuable assets greatly accelerate the process whilst adding rigour and repeatability.

Contact us to discuss how we can help you to build the collateral you need to manage clinical safety and comply with the DCB 0160 standard.