Meet The Team

Adrian Stavert-Dobson

CEO and Founder

Dr Adrian Stavert-Dobson is a leading expert on the safe implementation of digital health technology. He operated as a Clinical Safety Officer for ten years before founding Safehand in 2016. Adrian is a former NHS doctor, software developer and health informatician and advises on all aspects of DCB 0129/0160 and Medical Device Regulation. In 2016 Adrian published the world’s first book on managing clinical risk in health IT systems.

Julia Cawthorne

Chief Operating Officer

Julia  is a Registered General Nurse with 26 years’ experience of working in the NHS in the acute care sector, in both hands-on clinical and health IT clinical change and clinical safety roles. After leaving the NHS Julia worked as a Clinical Risk Manager on the National Programme for IT and has been a Clinical Safety Officer with Safehand since March 2017.

Su Davis

Senior Clinical Safety Officer and Team Lead

Su is a Specialist Community Public Health Nurse with over 25 years’ experience of working in the NHS in cardiothoracic theatres and as a Health Visitor. Since 2009 she has worked in a number of clinical lead and change management roles for several large-scale Health IT implementations. Su worked in a number of Clinical Risk Management roles before joining Safehand as a Clinical Safety Officer.

Amanda Hamilton

Senior Clinical Safety Officer

Amanda is a Specialist Community Public Health Nurse and former NHS Health Visitor, with extensive experience in Health IT systems configuration and health and social care integration design. Amanda transferred this knowledge, skills and background into Clinical Risk Management in 2013 and has been a Clinical Safety Officer with Safehand since April 2018.

Eric Bulwer

Senior Clinical Safety Officer

Eric is an Occupational Therapist with over 25 years’ experience of working in the NHS and was involved in several large-scale implementations of IT systems over a ten-year period. Prior to joining Safehand in January 2020, Eric moved to a new role working as a Clinical Change Manager for a large NHS trust where he was responsible for the implementation of several new Health IT systems across three hospital sites and a community division.

Michelle Emmerson

Clinical Safety Officer

Michelle had a background in data analytics before becoming a Registered General Nurse in 2012 where she gained experience in orthopaedics, occupational health and clinical research. Following this, Michelle moved to a large multinational company working as Clinical Informatics Expert within their senior management team. Michelle had technical responsibility for legacy systems and overall responsibility for the implementation of their clinical software within the UK. Prior to joining Safehand in February 2021, Michelle completed a master’s degree in information science.

Hadi Shahidipour

Clinical Safety Officer

Hadi is a Clinical Pharmacist with 10 years of experience across five different NHS trusts in a variety of roles ranging from Medical Education to Senior Informatics Pharmacist at a Global Digital Exemplar (GDE) trust. As Senior Informatics Pharmacist, Hadi led on several projects as part of the GDE programme before joining Safehand as a Clinical Safety Officer.

Daniel Watts

Clinical Safety Officer

Daniel qualified as a Clinical Pharmacist in 2011 and has worked in acute hospitals as well as for a clinical commissioning group. As an ePMA system lead for an NHS Trust, he developed skills and experience in the safe implementation and management of clinical IT systems within a healthcare organisation and in June 2021 he joined Safehand as a Clinical Safety Officer

Natalie Hall

Clinical Safety Officer

Natalie is a Registered Midwife with over 20 years’ clinical and healthcare management experience. Within the NHS she has worked as a clinical and Research Midwife. Natalie also practiced midwifery in the United Arab Emirates before holding the position of Clinical Audit manager. A passion for risk management lead to her appointment as the Quality and Patient Safety lead for a private general hospital in Oman. In 2016 her extensive knowledge and skills were transferred to healthcare software product ownership and management in the UK. Natalie has been a Clinical Safety Officer with Safehand since June 2021.

Louise Caney

Clinical Safety Officer

Louise is a Registered General Nurse and former Midwife with 27 years’ experience working in the UK (NHS), Australia and the United Arab Emirates in both clinical and education roles. Since leaving clinical practice in 2008, Louise has worked in the UK health technology industry in clinical informatics roles including clinical safety.

Shelley Crapper

Clinical Safety Officer

Shelley is a Registered General Nurse with over 12 years of experience across two different NHS Trusts including Oncology, Emergency Care, Gastroenterology and Healthcare Management. Following this, Shelley pursued a role in the ICT Projects team and quickly found a passion for Clinical Safety, becoming the Lead Clinical Safety Officer for her Trust, and leading strategically on driving the Clinical Safety agenda to the forefront. Shelley has worked for Safehand since January 2022.

Richard Musk

Clinical Safety Officer

Richard is a Clinical Pharmacist with a non-medical prescribing qualification and over 15 years' experience of working in the NHS. He has worked with NHS Trusts on a range of healthcare IT projects and more recently across an ICS. He has extensive experience of change management including leading the roll out of an ePMA system and embedding an integrated discharge referral system before joining Safehand as a Clinical Safety Officer in 2022.

Phil Walker

Information Governance Specialist

Phil was the driving force behind NHS Information Governance for nearly two decades, leading the policy team at the Department of Health, introducing the Information Governance Toolkit to the service and developing much of the guidance that still shapes the way the care services work with data. For five years he was Head of Digital Information Policy at NHS Connecting for Health, then led the information policy work on the Health & Social Care Act 2012 before going on to create the Information Governance Alliance between all the central health organisations. Since leaving Phil has put his extensive knowledge of data protection to good use supporting small enterprises around the care sector.

David Egbosimba

Clinical Evaluation Specialist

David is Clinical Affairs Consultant, specialising in the Clinical Evaluation of medical devices in various therapy areas. David has a medical science background and extensive experience as a medical writer, and in clinical affairs and clinical research management. David has worked with a number of medical device clients to develop their Clinical Evaluation strategy and Clinical Evaluation documentation, providing support through all phases of the product development life cycle.

Simon Hoffman

Medical Device Specialist

Simon Hoffman is a Principal Consultant with over 25 years experience in the Pharmaceutical, Medical Device and Healthcare Industry. Having started his career in world-class companies such as Novartis and AstraZeneca, Simon has an extensive track record of designing and setting up large-scale manufacturing sites and launching pharmaceutical and medical device products around the world, all in line with global requirements including FDA, EMA, MHRA and ISO standards and regulations. Simon’s most recent achievement was being a key adviser and Principal Consultant for the launch and scale up of the Oxford-AstraZeneca COVID-19 Coronavirus vaccine in record time.

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