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Safehand offers specialist consultancy and training services to help organisations manage their digital health compliance arrangements. Our expertise enables organisations to rapidly comply with mandatory standards such as DCB 0129, DCB 0160 and the Medical Device Directive/Regulation whilst driving quality, gaining clinician engagement and improving patient safety.

Established in March 2016, our rapidly growing business manages the on-going regulatory interests of over 80 software manufacturers and healthcare organisations. Our customers are spread throughout the globe and range from two-employee start-ups to some of the largest health IT companies in the world.

Our personnel have unprecedented experience in formulating Hazard Logs, Safety Cases, Technical Files and Quality Management Systems. Our rich archive of materials and in-house software tools allow us to rapidly construct the documentation needed to comply with the multitude of digital health standards.

Our Managing Partner Dr Adrian Stavert-Dobson is a software engineer, medical doctor and a leading expert on the safe implementation of health technology. He has operated as a Clinical Safety Officer for 15 years and in 2016 he published the world’s first book on the subject.

We currently employ ten full time Clinical Safety Officers and benefit from the experience of a number of hand-picked associates, each specialists in their areas of interest. Our goal is to make the lives of our customers simpler through clear explanation, precision and clarity of thought. We thrive on being straight-forward, plain-speaking and easy to do business with.

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Safehand Consulting Limited
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