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What is DCB 0129?

DCB 0129 is the clinical risk management standard which manufacturers of health IT systems and apps need to comply with. The standard is governed by NHS Digital and compliance is mandatory under the Health and Social care Act 2012.

Digital health technology can introduce as well as mitigate clinical risk. NHS Digital requires that organisations who manufacture health IT systems and apps undertake a formal risk assessment and evidence the measures which have been put in place to mitigate risk. Proactively demonstrating that a product is safe helps to protect from litigation and visibly demonstrates best-practice to customers.

To comply with the standard, organisations needs to undertake a formal risk assessment on the product and produce three documents summarising the outcome; the Clinical Risk Management Plan, Hazard Log and Clinical Safety Case Report.

Note that DCB 0129 is supplemental to the requirements of the NHS Data Security and Protection Toolkit.

You can download the DCB 0129 standard and the accompanying guidance by visiting our webpage on how to find the standards.

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