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Assured by Safehand

DCB 0129 is the UK’s Standard for Clinical Risk Management in Health IT. NHS Digital requires that systems which have the potential to impact patient safety are formally assured. The DCB 0129 Standard sets out the framework to achieve this.

Safehand independently assures digital health technology for manufacturers of health IT and NHS organisations. We award manufacturers our prestigious ‘DCB 0129 – Assured by Safehand’ badge in recognition of their successful DCB 0129 compliance work. The healthcare organisations who work with our manufacturers operate in the knowledge that the product has been subject to independent DCB 0129 safety assurance. What’s more, the outcome of this work is transparent and available for inspection.

Using industry-leading techniques, we ensure that the DCB 0129 safety assessment is systematic and evidence-based. Our experienced Clinical Safety Officers independently oversee the continued safe design of health IT products. This continues right through the software development lifecycle to ensure that clinical risk is effectively managed.

For more information, view our five minute guide to the Standard, speak to your supplier or contact us here at Safehand.

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