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Safehand will work with you side-by-side to undertake a systematic and methodical risk analysis of your product or implementation. Our staff have created hundreds Hazards Logs and Safety Cases over the last ten years. Such experience brings with it a deep understanding of the risk management techniques and processes which work in a healthcare setting.

Beginning a Hazard Log and Safety Case with a blank sheet of paper and minimal experience is an arduous and unenviable task. Our highly trained clinicians can either write the documentation on your behalf or work with you to create them collaboratively.

Safehand employs tried and tested document templates which map accurately to the requirements of the SCCI 0129 and SCCI 0160 standards. These valuable assets greatly accelerate the process whilst adding rigour and repeatability.

Safehand’s iterative approach to Hazard Log and Safety Case development means that the materials we create are not bureaucratic artefacts to tick a box and be filed away. Instead they are tools which stakeholders can harness to optimise system design, drive validation and prioritise issue resolution.

Contact us to discuss how we can help you to build the collateral you need to manage clinical safety and comply with the ISB standards.