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Clinical Safety Consultancy

At Safehand we specialise exclusively in clinical safety consultancy. Why not join the growing band of over 30 organisations who already outsource SCCI 0129/0160 compliance to us?

NHS Digital now requires that digital health products must comply with Safety Standards SCCI 0129 and SCCI 0160. Clinical risk management consulting is a highly specialised field and our experts help NHS and technology organisations all over the world to comply.

When it comes to patient safety there is no room for error. By contracting with independent clinical safety consultants, you can operate with complete confidence that your clinical risk management obligations are taken care of.

Our Clinical Risk Management Consulting Services

  • Clinical Safety Officer Services – We act as your Clinical Safety Officer avoiding expensive delays whilst internal personnel train in the subject and work out how to approach the task.
  • Hazard Log and Safety Case authoring – We create these mandatory deliverables in a fraction of time it typically takes organisations to complete this work internally. It’s what our consultants do every day and our carefully created templates mean that our documents are always compliant.
  • Clinical Safety Process Development – The SCCI 0129/0160 Standard requires that you define and document a clinical risk management process. Our library of materials means we will reduce the time taken to do this from months to days.
  • Clinical Safety Training – For those organisations who decide to undertake SCCI 0129/0160 themselves, we will provide a detailed two-day, onsite training course. You can bring along as many people as you like so everyone hears the same thing at the same time.
  • Audit services – For organisations who are already experienced in clinical risk management, we can systematically audit your work to identify potential gaps in a confidential and controlled environment.
Clinical Risk Management Consultancy